Inaugurated February 2016, Phylogeny Contemporary has evolved over a decade in the art industry seasoned through international experimental projects and esteemed art fairs.


Our aim is to examine line, form, texture with insight and connect real people with art measuring up to  and at a price point for every budget.



plural phy·log·e·nies

1:  the evolutionary history of a kind of organism

2:  the evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism

3:  the history or course of the development of something (as a word or custom)


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Phylogeny Contemporary

2718 Elliott Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 485-7498

Thursday & Saturday 11-7


professional women art dealers  international organization
Trust Phylogeny Contemporary to listen to your visual art needs.
professional women art dealers  international organization