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Reflections, Time and Billabong Dreams



As SAMbassador - a volunteer with the Seattle Art Museum - I am grateful for our continuing education sessions. We are given specialized training and insight directly for the curators.  This past Saturday, Curator of African and Oceanic Art, Pam McClusky gave exhibition tour of  Australian Aboriginal and African Renaissances.



Solo Exhibition


When I began my career in 2006 as a Gallerist in Saint Petersburg Florida, I would pick artist for very different reasons than I do today. I was a bit blind and led by a few university connections I had made. I was swayed by local artist and later a few impressive curriculum vitae. That was not a horrible method of curating. It was not particularly focused. It was not clear what my voice would be exactly with what I exhibited and when.


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It is my personal preference to remain in the background. I like the art I exhibit to stand alone, much like I like my professional appearance. I am a curator. I select specific works of art to be placed together intentionally. I am aware not all people have the same "intention" for showing particular art when they do.


Perhaps it is best to have intention defined?


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