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Julia Tatiyatrairong is an emerging artist working in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Growing up

exposed to the art scene in Portland, she has been surrounded by creative inspiration starting at

a young age. After completing her BA in visual arts at Brown University, she is back on the

west coast continuing to make art. Her use of traditionally feminine practices, like knitting,

crochet, and embroidery, into her current work is deeply personal. The labor and materiality

emotes in her figures and abstractions. She is interested in how her work and her use of

materials bring discourse in femininity, delicateness/fragility, strength, breaking gender norms,

and womanhood. Julia has had work exhibited in Oregon, Washington, California, New York,

and Rhode Island. She is also available to do commissioned work.


My artwork contrasts the materiality of feminine craft with more masculine digital/electrical

cabling and bare screws, creating a peculiarity to these fun pieces, that make them contest

gender norms. For those that know the crafts of knitting and crocheting, the textured patterns in

many of these pieces will be familiar. Growing up having learned to knit and crochet from my

mother, the use of such forms in my work is deeply personal. With knitting, crocheting, weaving,

and basket weaving techniques, I look to have their labor and materiality emote in my work. The

cables put on display in my artwork create discourse on their utility or lack thereof, especially in

the context of society keeping wires out of sight and the movement to go wireless. By mixing

traditional craft with electrical cable materials, I’ve taken two contrasting forms with functions

and stripped them of their function so they can be viewed formally in a beautiful and quirky way.

These almost monochromatic pieces are complex yet simple and are meant to be lighthearted

and playful.



2016 Brown University, Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts Degree

2015 Fundacion Comillas, Summer Drawing and Painting Program, Comillas, Spain


2017 "Things I've Found", UNA Gallery, Portland, OR

2016 "Finding Paths", Honors Thesis Solo Exhibition, List Art Center, Providence, RI

2015 "We Tangoed. I Led.", solo honors show, List Art Center, Providence, RI

2015 "Student Exhibition 2015," honorable mention for piece in juried show, Bell Gallery,

Providence, RI

2015 "Crochet Texture," solo show, List Art Center, Brown University, Providence, RI

2013 “All Figured Out,” Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville, CA

2012 “WLHS Mural”, public art, West Linn High School, West Linn, OR

2011 OAEA Juried Exhibition, Place Gallery, Portland, OR

2011 “CCA Pre-College Program: Fashion Design,” College Avenue Galleries, California

College of the Arts, Oakland, CA

2011 “ART.WRITE.NOW. 2011 National Exhibiton,” World Financial Center, NY

2011-2013 Two-Year National Touring Exhibition


2016 Joslin Award for Excellence in Art

2016, 2015, 2014 Julie Sloane Award

2015 Student Art Exhibition Honorable Mention and cash prize

2014 Hugh Townley Travel Award

2011 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Natonal Gold Medal


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