Princess Simpson Rashid


Princess Simpson Rashid is an American abstract painter and printmaker. Her current body of work explores the relationship between color, perception and symbolism. She is a breast cancer survivor and feels her more recent work has been matured and tempered by that experience.


Rashid has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in museums, art centers, galleries and alternative art spaces across the United States including the Pacific Grove Art Center in Pacific Grove, CA, Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA, Tempus Projects in Tampa, FL, CoRK Art District and

the Cummer Museum & Gardens in Jacksonville, FL.  She recently participated in a Printmaking Residency and exhibition at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Cusco, Peru.


In addition, her paintings and prints are in museum and private collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Portugal. Rashid’s museum collections include, The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) in Jacksonville, FL, The Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS, and The Lake Eustis Museum of Art in Eustis, FL.


Princess Simpson Rashid was born in Atlanta, GA in 1972. She studied printmaking and painting at Escuela de Artes in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She earned her B.S in Physics from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.


Rashid operates her studio practice within the CoRK Art District of Jacksonville, FL


The acrylic paintings and monotype prints in this series are created with a minimalist and gestural aesthetic. The work I am presenting focuses on just three colors, red, black and white.  I find this combination of colors to be graphically attractive.  After years of working with a very diverse palette, I wanted to distill it down to three colors with the intent to focus on painting without the distraction of colors. By limiting my palette, I am more able to push ideas in regards to composition and surface development.


Also, for the past two years I have been undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Because of this internal battle, the color Red in the palette has taken on the symbolism of blood and life. Red is a powerful color and it most reflects the chaos that was growing in my body at the time the series began.


The paintings and prints are Structures. I struggle to give each shape the proper size and proportion. I am after the illusion of depth and vibrational energy that is suggested by the correctly placed stroke.


Geometric shapes, like rectangles and squares, are used as devices throughout the work.  Angles and sharp edges are compositional elements, as well.  I am trying to depict a sense of order.  I think that going through cancer treatment sends your world in such chaos and flux that you long for some order. You seek structure and control because your world in out of control.  During my treatment, my work became more structured, orderly and geometric. After my treatment ended, free flowing organic designs started to manifest in the work.


Princess Simpson Rashid, 2017



Born:  1972, Atlanta, GA





2017  *Constructed Narratives in Red, Black & White”- FSCJ Kent Gallery, Jacksonville, FL -

2016  “Featured Artist: Princess Simpson Rashid”, The Art Center Cooperative @ The Landing, Jacksonville, FL

2015  “Abstracts”, The Grune Family Gallery/Players By Sea Theatre, Jacksonville Beach, FL

2013  “Controlled Spontaneity”, Tay-cho Gallery, Bartow, FL

2011  “The Art of Science-Princess Rashid”, Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville, FL

2011  “Passion, Perception & Symbolism”, Lake Eustis Museum of Art, Eustis, FL

2009   “The White Space: New Works by Princess Rashid”, PG Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA

2007   “Strive: New Works”, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Jacksonville, FL

2007  “Elemental Atmospheres”, Museum of Science & History (MOSH), Jacksonville, FL

2006   “The Sum of All Things”, FSCJ Downtown Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2006  “Eyes Turned Skyward”, FSCJ Kent Gallery, Jacksonville, FL


GROUP EXHIBITIONS  ( *-juried, **- 3 man show)


2017  “Solar Connections”, MPC Annex Gallery, Monterey, CA

2017  “A More Perfect Union”, The Space Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2017  “Kesha”, Jax Maker Space/Jacksonville Public Library, Jacksonville, FL

2017  Solarplate Residency- Escuela de Bellas Artes Gallery, Cusco, Peru

2016/15/14 “CoRK Open Studios”, CoRK Art District, Jacksonville, FL

2016  Grand Opening, The Vault Gallery 1930, Jacksonville, FL

2016  “Linked Through Art/Les Quatre Amis”, Gallery 1037/Reddi Arts, Jacksonville, FL

2016 “MOCA at CoRK”, CoRk Art District, Jacksonville, FL  (curated by Ben Thompson, Museum of Contemporary Art-Jacksonville)

2016 “LIFT: Contemporary Expressions of African American Heritage", Cummer Museum and Gardens, Jacksonville, FL*

2016  “TOE2016: Sensory Perception”, Ritz Theater & Museum, Jacksonville, FL*

2015  “Small Things Considered”, Atlantic Center for the Arts (ACA), New Symrna Beach, FL*

2015  “Princess Rashid & Overstreet Ducasse”, Southlight Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2015  “Abstract X”, Southlight Gallery, Jacksonville, FL*

2015  “The Sketchook Project 2015”, Brooklyn Art Library, (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY

2015  “Through Our Eyes 2015”, Ritz Theater & Museum, Jacksonville, FL*

2013  “the All Americans: Ducasse, Harwood & Rashid”, CoRK Art District, Jacksonville, FL **

2012  “Florida Watercolor Society Online Show”, www,*

2010  “Imagination Squared”, Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)-Jacksonville, FL

2010  “unseen”, Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) , Tampa, FL*

2010  “Earth Visions”, Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) , Tampa, FL*

2010  “Grey Matter”, Tempus-Projects, Tampa, FL*

2009  “Our Home Town-MBPAPA Plein Air Exhibition”, PG Art  Center, Pacific Grove, CA*

2009  “KulpAbility: Experiments in Printmaking”, Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa  Cruz, CA

2007   “Fall Show & Auction”, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA

2001   “Florida Printmakers Annual Show”, Allied Artists Unlimited Gallery, Tampa, FL




2017  Cusco School of Fine Art Residency (with Dan Welden/Master Printmaker), Cusco,Peru







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2017  *Constructed Narratives in Red, Black & White”- FSCJ Kent Gallery, Feb 21, 2017

2016  “Controlled Spontaneity”, Jacksonville Artist Guild, Nov 14

2016  “Lift and Tea”, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Jacksonvllle, FL

2016  “Inside Out”, Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, Jacksonville, FL

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2016 “Pecha Kucha”, J Johnson Gallery, Jackonville Beach, FL

2015  “Controlled Spontaneity”, Ritz Theatre

2015  “What is Black Art?” Panel Discussion with Rashid and Ducasse. Moderated by Prof. Dustin Harewood, Ritz Theatre/Lavilla Museum




2006                 Grant Recipient, Art Ventures Award , Community Foundation in Jacksonville, FL

2006                 Grant Recipient,Independent Life Minority Award, Community Foundation in Jacksonville

1992                 Fellow, Washington Center Fellow/NOAA

1994                 Fellow, Ronald E. McNair Fellowship- Ga Tech Research Institute/Georgia State Univeristy, Atlanta, GA

1986                 Intern, High Step Program, Bell Laboratories, Summit, New Jersey






2013  Studio Director, Ybor Art Colony, Tampa, FL

2013   Co- Gallery Manager, Wandering Eye Gallery, An Artist Cooperative, Tampa, FL

2012   Curator, Ybor Art Association, Tampa, FL

2007/06 Studio Director/Past President, The Art Center Cooperative Inc., Jacksonville, FL

2007  Education Outreach Coordinator, Jacksonville Watercolor Society’s (2005-2007),

2007  Website/Blog Administrator (Art Center, JCAAA, JWS Team Outreach) (2005-2007)

2007   Juror, Beaches Fine Art Series , Jacksonville, FL



EDUCATION (select)


1998-2000 School of Plastic Arts (EAP), Painting/Printmaking, San Juan, PR

1995   Bachelor of Science. Physics, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA





Baptist Hospital North, Jacksonville, FL

Leich & Teel Accounting Firm, Tampa, FL

Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville, FL

Lake Eustis Museum of Art, Eustis, FL

Spencer Museum of Art

Jacksonville Public Library, Jacksonville, FL






CoRK Art District- Resident Artist,

SGCI- Southern Graphics Council International,

Monterey Peninsula Printmakers,


Phylogeny Contemporary

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