Born and educated in Korea, I moved to the United States in 1989. I hold a B.A.

and M.A. in Education from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. My work

experience includes 15 years as a banker in Korea and 3 years teaching in Los Angeles.

After moving to New York in 2000, I studied at the Art Students League of New York

with William Scharf. I am currently painting full-time at my home studio.

It took me several decades to return to my first love: art. In grade school, I was a

self-motivated young artist. During my adolescent years, however, the scope of my

curiosity about life widened and art seemed too narrow a path for me. In college, the

motto of my major, self-realization, inspired me and became an enduring theme in my

life. While I was writing a critical analysis on children’s literature for my Master's degree

in Education, I was convinced of the fullness of the human potential.

I enjoyed my banking career for its constantly challenging situations that

demanded me to develop the wide spectrum of my potential. Teaching, however, was

not for me, although it was rewarding. When I began drawing at the League, I found

myself feeling immediately at home. Resuming art meant a homecoming after a long

excursion. Art satisfies me fully, since it demands all of my being and that of the viewer,

too. I believe that a total rapport through art can expand our souls.

My work has been exhibited at The Katonah Museum of Art in New York, Porch

Gallery Ojai in California, The Hyde Bridge Gallery at The Yeats Society in Sligo,

Ireland, Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Maryland, and more recently at

ARC Gallery in Chicago.



My journey in art, as with our journey in life, is an evolving process which follows

its due course. After the phases of representational figure painting and minimal

colorfield naturescapes, I am now in the current state of conceptual painting which

depicts the inner realms — spiritual and existential. Whereas the general definition of

conceptual art emphasizes the idea of a work over the aesthetic in itself, I believe that a

conceptual work can be equally significant in terms of both the visual and theoretical


Painting is not merely an aesthetic endeavor for me, but also an existential one.

Life has always been the most intriguing subject to me. I see it as a giant sphere which

coalesces with the myriad facets of the shared human experience. I aim to express how

I perceive such facets on canvas.

I begin my delineation with a subject, which usually becomes the title of the

painting. The delineation is succinct in order to capture the essence of the subject. I

let my intuition dictate a geometric composition by applying my own symbolic logic.

The lines, shapes, angles, and placements are formed and the color scheme follows.

While executing it on canvas, I find myself instinctively improvising along the way to

achieve its aesthetic value.

Art satisfies me fully as it demands all of my being, as well as that of the viewer.

I believe that a total rapport through art can expand our souls.


Exhibition Statement


I am a searcher of meanings. I need to have meanings in whatever I do. At the

same time, the way that I do things are equally important to me. Creating art is no


Regardless of any kinds of divided sentiments that we are facing in the current

world, I cannot help but see a collective body of humanity: we are one, after all. It is so

natural for me, especially as an artist, to search for the common denominators in life

that knit together in an endless tapestry. I believe that art must touch the universal

human soul.

I create art in order to show who we are, at all angles. The overarching theme of

my artwork is the shared experience of human existence. Painting is the best means for

me to sum up the concepts that I want to deliver. I have found geometric forms

extremely versatile and effective to express any abstract concepts. I choose the forms

and arrange them to suit a concept by following my intuition as well as instinct. Color

choices are as crucial as the forms to highlight the concept. The result is always

condensed into a minimal rendition. I see the principle of Occam's razor applied in my




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Juried exhibition: Spectrum-Gestalt 4, bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA [Upcoming]

Juried exhibition: Search for Meaning, Vachon Gallery, Seattle University, Seattle,


Juried exhibition: 25th Southeast Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Mattie Kelly

Arts Center, Niceville, FL


Juried exhibition: Encyclical. Encyclical Gallery, Berkeley, CA

Juried exhibition: A Touch of the Blues, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL


Juried exhibition: Finding Our Place: The Geography of Art, Annmarie Sculpture

Garden & Arts Center, Solomons, MD

Juried exhibition: Geometry. Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI

Group exhibition: The HUD Gallery and Dab Art, Ventura, CA

Juried exhibition: OPEN15 (catalog and online), Front Art Space, NYC

Juried exhibition: The Hyde Bridge Open: Yeats, Poetry and Place, The Hyde Bridge

Gallery, The Yeats Society, Sligo, Ireland

Juried exhibition: Water Works II, Porch Gallery Ojai and The Venice Institute of

Contemporary Art (ViCA), Ojai, CA

Juried exhibition: Line Describing a Cone: Tri-State Juried Exhibition, Katonah Museum

of Art, Katonah, NY


Juried exhibition: Light Space & Time Online Gallery, Jupiter, FL

Juried exhibition: Ways of Seeing, ArtsWestchester Gallery, Mamaroneck Arts Council,

White Plains, NY


Juried exhibition: Take Old Road New Way, Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Service,



Juried exhibition: Art Society of Old Greenwich, Greenwich, CT


Juried exhibition: Beautiful Exhibition, Beautiful Foundation USA & Greeum Art

Foundation, Fort Lee, NJ


Solo exhibition:, Wainwright House, Rye, NY

Solo exhibition: Genesis, Saint Peter’s Church, NYC


Group exhibition: Contemporary Landscapes, Ogilvy & Mather, NYC


Solo exhibition: Open Sanctuary, The Shelter Rock Art Gallery, Manhasset, NY

Solo exhibition: Tracing Eden, The Interchurch Center, NYC

Solo exhibition: Panorama, Saint Peter’s Church, NYC

Group exhibition: Views from the Other Side, Gallery Korea, NYC


Two-Person exhibition: Beyond Reality, Mamaroneck Artists Guild Gallery, Larchmont,



Solo exhibition: Skyscape, Harrison Library Gallery, Harrison, NY

Group exhibition: Mamaroneck Artists Guild Gallery, Larchmont, NY


Juried exhibition: Organization of Independent Artists, NYC

Solo exhibition: Us, Through My Eyes, Harrison Library Gallery, Harrison, NY


Group exhibition: Mamaroneck Artists Guild Gallery, Larchmont, NY

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