Art, as reflected through the lens of Suprematism was innovative approach to making objects, one concerned with breaking entirely from the traditional artistic concern with composition, and replaced it with careful technical analysis of modern materials.


The Futurists focus was to explore problems of representing current experience and strived to have their paintings evoke all kinds of sensations - and not merely those visible.


"Suprematism, Constructivism, Futurism: Friction, Destruction, Invention, Vision" is the inaugural group themed exhibition for Phylogeny Contemporary's permanent Seattle gallery home.  The selected artists


Jelena Gagic ,Dillon Lemon, Jason Lake, Princess Simpson Rashid, Shyun Song, Julia Tatiyatrairong, Lesley Wamsley,  Qin Zhang


were chosen each for their specific and careful response to the vague and historical query. Several artists’ responses were perfect representations of the period of art history. Others took the challenge to continue the movement to current societal viewpoints of obsolescence and identity.


Art created for the purpose social inquiry can communicate and confuse. The perspective is all within the viewer. The answer may even be written neatly next to the work of art to describe the very intention of the work of art. Individual response will be personal. Phylogeny in its definition is the evolution of a concept or idea.


Art all chiefly requires the participation of the beholder for full potency.


Please join us throughout this exhibition for a series of events culminating in an on-site Philanthropic Incubator Laboratory.


Opening Wednesday, September 6, 5-8 PM

Exhibition Runs through October 28, 2017


P.I.L.  September 22 & October 20th 5-7PM


New Fall Extended hours:

Wednesday 2 - 6 PM

Thursday 11 - 7 PM

Friday 11 - 7 PM

Saturday 11 - 7 PM


Phylogeny Contemporary

2718 Elliott Avenue Seattle, WA 98121

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Thursday & Saturday 11-7


professional women art dealers  international organization
professional women art dealers  international organization