Phylogeny Contemporary
Contemporary art gallery located in Seattle Washington with an emphasis on cultural commentary and surrealism.
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Phylogeny Contemporary generates a creative dialogue between artists, gallery and the public through solo and group shows of cutting-edge, forward-thinking art. Integral to the gallery’s cultural program is its philanthropic community engagement.*

Inaugurated in February 2016 Phylogeny Contemporary has evolved over a decade in the art industry seasoned through international experimental projects and esteemed art fairs. This working classroom in the art world has shaped my perspective and intention with the artist I exhibit and why. I have been able to meet a select international group of artists to welcome to my exhibitions.

Phylogeny Contemporary located in Belltown, Seattle one block south of Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park, breaks from the established arts and cultural districts in Seattle. Instead, Phylogeny Contemporary is a new component to Seattle waterfront’s economic revival currently under city redevelopment.

Frequently I am asked:

” What does phylogeny mean?”

A phylogeny is a hypothetical relationship between groups of organisms being compared.



phy·log·e·ny | \ fī-ˈlä-jə-nē \

plural phylogenies

Definition of phylogeny

1: the evolutionary history of a kind of organism

2: the evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism

3: the history or course of the development of something (such as a word or custom)

As an art gallery, the business of art in consideration of purity of art for art’s sake, are often in opposition to each other. The evolution of this particular art business, as it differs from the art industry itself, focus is finding the perfect blend of powerful and meaningful artwork that in addition satisfies exceptional aesthetic standards. It isn’t enough to merely provoke discourse when placing art. The holistic approach considers more. It is critical to consider how the space is used and what environment is desired. Personal history and values matter. Phylogeny Contemporary considers, the artist, and the role of art itself as curating atmosphere. Art should do more than be a decorative element. However, if the atmosphere requires beauty alone to create peace or tranquility, the intention is broaded. Each acquisition should be personal and the collection as a whole can be considered if desired.

Art is atmosphere.

Process vs. Product is far more important as an intention for exhibiting and representing artists to Phylogeny Contemporary.

*However, At this time the gallery removes any promotional or “branded” philanthropic endeavors. It is a very intentional move to redirect attention at those seeking person attention masked at “politics” or “charity" Organizations, artists, and individuals manipulating perspective for self-gain has been my repeated experience while attempting to help others. It has created a mirror for reflection of behavior as well. Do the deed, or donate in private. This is my evolved philosophy on attention seeking behavior masked as charity.



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