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Liz Tran 20th Anniversary VH1 Saves the Music


Local Seattle Artist: Liz Tran selected to participate in this year’s VH1 Save the Music 20th Anniversary

Phylogeny Contemporary exhibiting Liz Tran for Aqua Art Miami 2016 proposed Liz Tran’s Traveling Planets for the special project's component of the fair.  The multicolored light installation was originally exhibited for Seattle Art Museum’s 2016 Party in the Park. Traveling Planets was selected for Aqua Art Miami’s Lobby Lounge. The team Art at Viacom scouting Art Basel Miami 2016 for talent discovered Liz Tran’s lounge installation. Liz Tran was partnered with Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell and Gibson guitars to create an original collaborative hand-painted guitar. VH1 Save the Music Foundation will auction the guitar this fall in New York fundraising to enable music education for every student. 

” We are a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that music instruction is a core component to a complete education, giving children the tools and confidence to excel in academics and in life.”VH1 Save the Music Foundation

Inaugurated February 2016, Phylogeny Contemporary has evolved over a decade in the art industry seasoned through international experimental projects and esteemed art fairs.  

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