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Amy Simons Structures April 5 - May 4, 2019
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Amy Simons Structures April 5 - May 4, 2019

How does it feel to be a single stitch in a sweater? 

Or one penny tile on a bathroom floor? 

Knit with the tension just right, laid down one at a time. 

These purposeful actions are so precise 

in the moment, 


Individuals and their particular contributions,

needed but often unnoticed.


Honesty in materials, 

appreciation of history, 

practice. ........

Amy Simons is an American artist living and working in Washington state. She works primarily in ceramics and printmaking. Themes in her work include gradual shifts, intentional mark making, and the space between this line and the next. 

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George Raftopoulos Solo Exhibition
to Aug 24

George Raftopoulos Solo Exhibition

  • Phylogeny Contemporary, Inc. (map)
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George Raftopoulos’ work is a comment on the human condition. He addresses notions of hope, determination and self-realization. Raftopoulos work is realized in a

‘personal mythology’ inspired by such artists of the past such as Goya, Rembrandt and Titian. In this body of work, he utilizes silhouettes by the artists of the 16-17th Century and embarks on the ‘modernization into the 21st Century’ by impressing his abstract marks upon these silhouettes.



Raftopoulos references the past. The importance of this is akin to recalling personal memory and re-inventing those memories into a visual language. This engagement with the past finds expression through the abstract mark and is loaded with color. His technique explodes the recognizable or ‘known’ as he deconstructs notions of life, in a pursuit to re write his own personal mythologies and belief systems. His gestural

mark making and complex use of color aid in producing a narrative that speaks to themes of power, freedom, hope and belief. Through the work we journey into both the identifiable and the unknown. He calls to question our existence with both veracity, calmness and a contemplation. He asks that we seek personal meaning from each work.

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Celeste Cooning : Offerings
to Mar 30

Celeste Cooning : Offerings

A pervading interest in pattern and repetition led me to explore cut paper. The medium facilitates a particular response to material, shape, light, and space. My studio practice encompasses site-specific installations that inhabit public and private, interior and exterior spaces. Light actively engages the work with vivid color, reflective qualities, and dynamic, cast shadows. The pattern-based and sometimes ornate compositions, often begin as a series of hand-cut paper constructions and then transformed into large-scale installations that emphasize texture, rhythm, and light. These sensorial experiences are meant to provoke visceral responses. It is within these sensational moments that we become curious, hopeful and inspired.

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