Upcoming group exhibition submission requests

 Evolving a Traditional Landscape

Group Exhibition Fall 2018

 Societal Snapshot 


Societal Snapshot :
Exploring landscape  to reflect a historical societal context

Find the sources below as a guide to the exhibition theme:

Anselm Kiefer -- the cycle of decay and renewal."He's a great landscape painter of our age, and at the absolute heart of his practice is the idea that landscapes are the landscape of history," Vousden said. "He's very aware of the fragility of the landscape. And the great cracking that you see on the surface of his paintings is intended to tell you that it all can be swept away by the deluge, by the flood, by the fall of man. And we all have to start again."

Submissions Due May 28, 2018

Please include:

  1. Website Address
  2. CV
  3. Bio
  4. Artist Statement
  5. Proposed and completed artwork for exhibition high-resolution images