Jared Boechler

  The solo exhibition “On a Tipped Chair” marks the debut introduction of Boechler’s olfactory body of work. It is the first time that both the included oil paintings and their companion scents are being presented to the public as a collection. Using traditional methods in contemporary context, “On a Tipped Chair” explores the relationship of two dimensional art and scent influence on the individual. The work within the exhibit confronts the exploration of mental illness and loneliness, emphasizing the importance and perhaps even formative roles these experiences have in our lives. Boechler's practice is heavily influenced by scent. “On a Tipped Chair” encompasses Boechler's most recent body of work and pairs custom-designed scents alongside the original oil paintings they inspired. The work is the result of an experimental process that allowed the artist to be guided by scent exposure. The scents within the exhibit represent direct experiences of the artist. They contain smells from memories that have directly influenced the outcome of the individual works, ranging from notes of lemongrass to black tar, providing insight into the most personal aspects of Boechler’s practice. The exhibit title “On a Tipped Chair” references the artist’s personal relationship with anxiety and uses the experience of sitting on an unbalanced chair to draw an unusual comparison between these states of unrest. The works within the exhibit explore the process of living and creating on this precipice and present a question that many artists find themselves having to consider on a daily basis: How do I maintain the balance necessary to productively pursue a craft that is inherently free and unrestricted in nature? The exhibit has been produced in collaboration with the House of Cherry Bomb Perfumery, based out of Brooklyn, New York, who have exclusively crafted the custom designed scents that accompany the works.

Jared Boechler

 Mother!  2017  oil on raw linen  35X50



oil on raw linen


 Boechler is a contemporary visual artist working with scent in his practice as a means to

emphasize the important and formative roles that scent plays in the lives of individuals. His current body

of work pairs custom designed scents, ranging from lemongrass to burnt rubber, alongside the original

oil paintings that they inspired. This olfactory outlet presents a multi-faceted viewing experience,

allowing for the continued exploration of the ties that exist between two-dimensional art and scent

influence on the individual. Using traditional methods in sharp contemporary context, Boechlers

paintings confront themes such as mental illness and loneliness with an often subtle execution, resulting

in works depicting circumstances that are at once banal and dramatic. Boechler exhibits internationally,

most recently presenting as the youngest artist at NordArt in Germany.



2009-2011 Apprenticeship: Visual Artist Jessica Edwards

Work Experience

2016 Assistant to Director,

New York Artists Equity Association, New York, New York

2012-13 Glass Artisan,

Castle Designer Glass, Saskatoon, Canada

Select Exhibitions

2018 Group Exhibition, Brutal Beauty, Lexington Art League

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

2018 Solo Exhibition, On a Tipped Chair

Sheen Centre for Thought & Culture

New York, New York, United States

2015 NordArt 2015 at Kunstwerk Carlshutte Art Center

Budelsdorf, Germany

2015 Group Exhibition - Brushed with Reality, Porter Contemporary

Brooklyn, New York, United States

2014 Group Exhibition - Shadow Odyssey, Mahlstedt Gallery

Westchester County, New York, United States

2014 Group Exhibition - Only New Art, Project Gallery

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2013 Group Exhibition - Twisted Exhibit, Project Gallery

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2012 Group Exhibition - Pomegranate Gallery

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada



Awards, Fellowships, Grants

2017 Event Travel Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board

Saskatchewan, Canada

2017 Artist in Residence, Burren College of Art

Ballyvaughan, Ireland

2017 Visual Art Fellowship, Serlachius Museot

Mänttä, Finland

2017 Artist in Residence, Leveld Kunstnartun Art Center

Leveld, Norway

2016 Visual Art Fellowship, Sheen Centre for Thought & Culture

New York, New York, United States

2015 Culture on the Go Travel Grant, Creative Saskatchewan

2013 Arts Finalist, Canadian Aboriginal Writing and Arts Challenge,

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


2018 Scratch-N-Sniff, Artist Pairs Paintings and Perfumes, Bedford + Bowery

2018 Jared Boechler: Art That You Can Smell, Times Square Chronicle

2017 Profile : Jared Boechler, The Gathered Gallery

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