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Julia Marchand

In this work I am exploring childhood within the context of contemporary culture and definitions rooted in history. We define modern childhood by constructed meaning first set forth during the enlightenment. Children were considered pure, innocent, beings that possessed a great connection to nature. These ideas are deeply rooted and continue to influence our concept and perception of childhood today. However, they are paradoxically juxtaposed with new depictions of children. Today children are also portrayed as threatening horror film creatures, sociopathic gun toting students or helpless and terrified victims.  I am interested in the intersection of these conflicting ideas, how they reflect our perception of childhood, expectations of our children and their development within, and as a result of, these opposing and unclear expectations. 


Julia’s paintings and works on paper have been exhibited in galleries in London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her work was selected for inclusion at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery.  Marchand earned her BA in Art History from American University in Washington DC before moving to San Francisco to participate in the BFA program at San Francisco Art institute. Currently, she lives and works in Alameda CA.