August 1-4, 2019

August 1-4, 2019

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Suzy O’Mullane

Most of the work I make reflects my current interests and/or concerns. My current series examines my perception of our existential whereabouts.

Minuet: The swift is a migratory bird who, with the swallow, flies thousands of miles north to us in the summer. Gracious and delicate, its song drags across our skies like a busy soprano, much of the time in intricate counterpoint, like a Bach composition. I thought about freedom and slavery. Not all slavery is self-evident: slavery can be be attachment to material things.

I made the piece No Violence after the attacks on the mosque in NZ. I needed to reflect the helpless dismay I felt towards yet another atrocity inflicted by someone indoctrinated by hate. Violence against innocence, screaming loss, inevitable consequences.

This is It is about beauty and about consequences, the tiny hardworking gentle hummingbird soars above blackened vegetation. I Dream of an OK World is aspirational. It seems as if the world is divided into two camps: those who are seeking some sort of equanimity and those who are pursuing a pathway to destruction.



Suzy O’ Mullane is a visual artist who has been practicing and exhibiting consistently in Dublin, London, NY, Berlin and LA since 1996. Throughout her practice, she has developed and employs multiple encoded forms that have become personal allegorical references. Her work conceptualises emotional experience, personal and societal identity, and memory through the mediums of painting, drawing, video, performance and writings.


O’ Mullane’s work conceptualises emotional experience and memory, relating to a particular identity, place, memory, or personal connections. Formally, her paintings and drawings are executed in oil and charcoal on canvas or paper. Scale oscillates between very large (maximum 7ft x 10ft) and small/intimate. Her video, collaborative and performance work supports and intersects with the 2D work, and relies on written narrative and layers of associated imagery.


O’ Mullane was educated at UCC (BA English) and Crawford College of Art and Design (BA Fine Art (Hons) and Post-Grad. She is co-founder and former director for 6 years of ArtTrail Cork, Cork. Notably, her work has been presented at Context NYC, Art Miami, Art Toronto, Art Chicago, Art Wynwood, Art Palm Beach, Aqua Miami as well as in many solo exhibitions. She has held solo exhibitions at Skotia Gallery, LA, Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Ireland, Siamsa Tire Arts Centre, Tralee, Blueleaf Gallery, Dublin, and Origin Gallery, Dublin. Her work is represented in many public and private collections in the US and Europe, including Crawford Municipal Gallery, TCD, UCD, UCC, and OPW.


Recent, current and forthcoming projects since 2016: Irish Wave: The Birth of a Nation, Identity, Struggle, group exhibitions (by invitation), Beijing and Shanghai, March - April 2016, The Seduction of Cathleen Ni Houlihan, solo exhibition, The Origin Gallery, from April 28, 2016, Context Art Fair, 3 - 8 May 2016, The Wounded Deer (invited artist) Melbourne, September 2017. Boyle Arts Festival (invited) July 2017. Aqua Miami December 2016 and Solo Exhibition with Phylogeny Contemporary Gallery, Seattle, August 2017


O’ Mullane is currently represented by J Cacciola Gallery NJ, The Origin Gallery Dublin and Phylogeny Contemporary Gallery Seattle. Also Pierogi Gallery NY flat files.


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