George Raftopoulos,The Honest Artist's Handbook 1, 2017 Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic on Paper 47 3/5 × 25 3/5 in 121 × 65 cm

George Raftopoulos,The Honest Artist's Handbook 1, 2017 Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic on Paper 47 3/5 × 25 3/5 in 121 × 65 cm


George Raftopoulos’ work is a comment on the human condition. He addresses notions of hope, determination, and self-realization. Raftopoulos work is realized in a ‘personal mythology’ inspired by such artists of the past such as Goya, Rembrandt, and Titian. In this body of work, he utilizes silhouettes by the artists of the 16-17th Century and embarks on the ‘modernisation into the 21st Century’ by impressing his abstract marks upon these silhouettes.

Raftopoulos references the past. The importance of this is akin to recalling personal memory and re-inventing those memories into a visual language. This engagement with the past finds expression through the abstract mark and is loaded with color. His technique explodes the recognizable or ‘known’ as he deconstructs notions of life, in a pursuit to rewrite his own personal mythologies and belief systems. His gestural mark making and complex use of color aid in producing a narrative that speaks to themes of power, freedom, hope, and belief. Through the work, we journey into both the identifiable and the unknown. He calls to question our existence with both ferocity, calmness, and contemplation. He asks that we seek personal meaning from each work.

In the work ‘Glow’, we are confronted with an offset figure that dominates the painting. The faceless abstracted image of a historical battle figure is deconstructed and incomplete. He is at once recognizable yet undefined. Raftopoulos aims to draw a mirror to the viewer, asking them to see themselves as a hero within their own lives. The work is one of hope and awareness that we all suffer personal battles and yet there are hope and triumph in stepping out of our way. The application of broad, random brushstrokes, at once veil the identity and reveal the strength from within. The predominant black and yellow signify dominance, a sense of hope and personal empowerment.

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Born 1972

Lives Works Sydney, Australia

1992-1994 BAVA University Western Sydney, Australia

1996-1997 Graduate Diploma, Painting, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, Australia


2018 Finalist Archibald,Wynne and Sulman Prizes, Art Gallery NSW Australia, May-September 2018 'Angry Boys' In association with Galerie Rompone Cologne Germany exhibition February 2018 Thisted Museum Denmark.

2018 Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

2017 'Fresh AF' , TW fine art Brisbane Australia. November 2017.

2017 Finalist Fishers Ghost Art prize, Campbeltown Regional Gallery Campbeltown.

2017 Finalist Mosman Art prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Australia.

2017 "Salon Des Refuses" Alternative exhibition, Archibald and Wynne Prize, SH Ervin Gallery Exhibition July-October 2017

2017 "DeKonstruKt' Anna Pappas Gallery Melbourne Victoria, Australia June 2017.

2017 "Angry BOYS" Gallery ROMPONE Cologne GERMANY June 2017.

2017 Athens Art fair, Athens Greece , Anna Pappas Gallery Melbourne, May 2017.

2016 "Planting the SEEDS' TED X shift, Northern Institute, Sydney Australia.

2016 "The TRANSPORTED", Nishi Gallery, New Acton, Canberra, ACT 9-29 May.

2015 'MYTHIC Nation, Artereal Gallery Sydney Australia.

2015 'Retrospecta', Greek Embassy, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

2014 'I Could've been a Jockey' - BEGA Regional, Gallery, BEGA NSW, Australia

2014 'BEAUX MONDE' Mclemoi Gallery, Sydney Australia.

2014 Hellenic Museum, Melbourne, Australia

2013 Hillsmith Gallery, Adelaide S.A

2012 Mclemoi Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2010 Tim Olsen Gallery Sydney, Australia

2010 Hillsmith Gallery Adelaide, S.A

2008 Tim Olsen Gallery Sydney, Australia

2008 Annual round table Exhibition New York Arts Club Grammercy Arts Club, New York USA. 2007 Axia Modern Art Gallery, Victoria

2007 Hillsmith Gallery, Adelaide S.A

2006 Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney

2006 The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

2006 Art Galleries Schubert, Queensland

2005 Axia Modern Art, Sydney

2005 Axia Modern Art, Mebourne

2004 Axia Modern Art, Sydney

2004 Axia Modern Art, Melbourne

2004 Gallery Philip Neville, Darwin NT

2008 Amanda Gillespie, New York, USA

2004 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai China, With Australian Art Resources, Melbourne Australia 2003 Axia Modern Art, Melbourne

2003 Bark Modern Art, Hong Kong

2002 Axia Modern Art, Melbourne

2001 'Liquid', Michael Carr Art Dealer, Sydney

2001 Paris Print Biennial, Australian High Commission, Paris,France


 2000 Bilbao', Michael Carr Art Dealer, Sydney 1999 Volvo Gallery, Sydney

1998 Olsen Carr Art Dealers, Sydney

1997 Varga Gallery Bourdeaux, France

1996 Olsen Carr Art Dealers, Sydney COLLECTIONS

New England Regional Gallery, NERAM Armadale NSW Australia gift of Stephen Hesketh. Bega Valley Regional Gallery Bega NSW Australia

Hellenic Museum, Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Gold Coast City Art Gallery/Museum, Queensland Australia

University of Western Sydney, Nepean NSW Australia Molongolo Group. Canberra ACT, Australia

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( INVESTA-Westpac) Property Fund Australia Westpoint Corporation Australia

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Landmine Survivors Network Washington DC USA Pitcher Parteners Melbourne Australia

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