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Mauricio Vergara, A Ti

Mauricio Vergara, A Ti


Mauricio Vergara was born in Rio IV, Córdoba, Argentina, in 1971. He is a self-taught painter. He has been painting since the early 90’s. He is currently living in Pamplona (Spain)

A Rioplatense poet ponders:

Where is my life that which it could have been, and it never was?

As he does, I ask myself, who I am? Where is my life? Where is the person who I once was? Where are those who are not anymore? Where will I be? Who will I be?

Time changes us, but there is something that always remains. We leave what we were; we look at the past, and we don´t recognize ourselves. But, we are them, changed by our deaths and our lost illusions that will keep us changing.

Mauricio’s characters without face and body want to be an invitation to the spectator to make these questions theirs and to encourage them to participate in finishing the paintings.

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